Go55's Autumn 2020

“Tears were shed in December by a Year 6 student from Vineyard Public School as he realised at the recent Christmas Party that the regular visits to Windsor Country Village would no longer be a part of his school experience as he moved onto high school. There is a great sense of pride from being such an integral part of the local community. Windsor Country Village management provides the highest level of personal service to its residents and the experience that comes from being family operated for over 30 years… (see pages 54 and 55) 

Go55's Spring 2020

“Windsor Country Village has shown that even during these times of uncertainty, residents are still enjoying themselves in a safe and community aware fashion. Set on 5 acres of professionally maintained gardens, residents have had plenty of room, but the tight knit community has left no-one feeling alone. The daily garden setting afternoon teas and fireside chats, shopping excursions and social activities are still happening in a responsible fashion….

Open House - May 2020

Come and join is for afternoon tea and experience the new lifestyle that awaits you… Open House on Saturday 22nd February 2020. Affordable retirement living at its best. Our trusted family management team has delivered personal service for over 30 years. Call Brian Crawford on 0448 400 920.

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